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Topics covered in this FULL-DAY real-life class: 
  • Lesson 1, covers the topics and sub-topics that you will be learning from this E-Learning course.
  • Lesson 2, you will learn 9 genre of Portraits Photography that many Pros specialise in.
  • Lesson 3, you will the importance of identifying your subject's uniquely powerful Comfortable Side, this will allow you to effortlessly POSE ANY SUBJECT of portrait shoots. You will learn how to easily propose standing or sitting poses for your portrait subjects.
  • Lesson 4, you will learn the 4 Coded Smiles (ie: Smiling from the Eyes, Lips, Teeth and Stomach) that will allow you to make your subjects Smile naturally in every single click you snap. In this lesson, you will be guided how each of these 4 Smiles form the right mood of the facial expression of your subjects in portrait shoots.
  • Lesson 5, you will learn how to pose Men & Women effortlessly. You will also distinguish what makes a good female pose and what poses are suitable for male subjects.
  • Lesson 6, is where you will learn the foundation of all good portrait lightings. You will learn how to effective position you lights and learn to differentiate what is a Main Light, Fill Light and why we need Rim Lights. You will learn why these lights are each important (and may be are optional).
  • Lesson 7, you will learn the power value to set for each of the lights you learned in Lesson 6. You will also learn the Stops Formula to effortless calculate the correct value of light for each light you set up in a portrait shoot.
  • Lesson 8, you will learn how the knowledge you gained from Lesson 6 and 7 will help you derive 6 of the world's most popular portrait lights. They are the Rembrandt, Reverse Rembrandt, Loop, Open Loop, Close Loop Lighting, Butterflying Lighting & Clamshell Lighting.
  • Lesson 9, you will learn how the lights you learned in Lesson 8 can be used to match your portrait subjects' faces. You will learn how to distinguish your subjects based on the 3 categories of faces.
  • Lesson 10, will introduce you to the highly popular and effective 3-Point Lights of Portraits.

Class Details:

  • 10 lessons.
  • 10 Full-HD 1080p videos.
  • 3 assignments.
  • 1-year of Full Unlimited access.
  • feedback and interactions from Academy Trainers.
  • progress tracking of each lesson.
  • access to Professional Gallery of this lesson.
  • all Lessons & Contents are available 24 / 7.
  • stream on Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops.
  • this E-Learning course will undergo an expanding syllabus, where new contents & lessons are added. All our subscribers to this course will benefit from this feature without additional charges.

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