Learn the fundamentals of Nude Photography following this series of videos. 4 Lessons, comprising 5 Full HD videos and 2 assignments. (Mature Content. Subscriber needs to be above 18 of age)

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Topics covered in this course: 
  • Lesson 1, Introduction:
    You will to introduced to the outline and topics of the whole Course. This Course will cover Choosing Concepts & Themes in Nude Photography, Artistic Rules in Nude Photography (such as Closer, Simplicity, Symmetry & Rule Of Representation), techniques of Posing & Interacting with your nude models, Lighting Techniques (Natural Lighting, Continuous Induced Light and Flashed Induced Light methods)
  • Lesson 2, Background Lighting:
    You will learn how to use Flashes or Studio Lights to obtain the seamlessly clean pure white background (called HexaF backgrounds by professionals). You will be introduced to the concept of High Key Photography, where your photos are very bright, but never over-exposed. Learn how to handle large modifiers like Softboxes and Octas to obtain wide-coverage yet soft lighting for your background. You will learn how to use a Light Meter. You will be guided through by the trainer on how to determine your Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture values BEFORE you even perform the shots. You will also learn HOW to determine exposure of the background (and Subject) in the event you do not own Light Meters. Learn the concept of using the Histogram like a professional accurately too, in this Lesson.
  • Video 3, Subject Lighting:
    In this lesson, the trainer will show you how you can effortlessly determine the kind of lights to use on the nude models.
  • Video 4, Low-Key:
    In this lesson, you will learn lightings which will create high and dark shadows.
  • Video 5, Commentary:
    This video shares what the trainers and model think about their own experience about nude photography.


Course Details:

  • Mature Content.
    (Subscriber needs to be 18 years of age and above.)
  • 4 lessons.
  • 5 Full-HD 1080p videos.
  • 1 assignment.
  • 1-year of Full Unlimited access.
  • feedback and interactions from academy trainers.
  • progress tracking with each lesson.
  • access to Professional Gallery of this Course.
  • all Lessons & Contents are available on-demand, 24 / 7.
  • stream on your favorite devices: Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops.
  • this E-Learning course will undergo an Expanding Syllabus, where new contents, lessons & assignments are added. All our subscribers of this course will benefit from this feature without additional charges.

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