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Topics & sub-topics covered in this Course: 

The Intro
Defines the components needed to create good videos, for the whole of this online course:
- The Video component
- The Audio component
- The Editing component

Understanding What Makes Good Videos:
.. get to know the types of cameras (intro to the types of cams: action cameras, dv cams, mirrorless, dslr, broadcast, cinema cameras)
Camera settings:
.. fps & video quality (what are video resolutions)
.. video containers & codecs, what are they?
.. exposure (shutter, aperture & ISO)
.. focusing (auto focus modes & manual focus)
.. camera movements
.. introduction to some useful camera movements: static, pan, tilt, slide, jib, dolly (and a bunch of other movements)
.. knowing what camera rigs & grips
.. tripods, slider, stabilizer, gimbal & how you can use them easily & effectively

Cuts & Transitions In Your Videos
.. transitional cut
.. hard cut
.. cut on action
.. cut on camera movement
.. cut away
.. 2nd camera cut
.. fast cuts
.. jump cuts
.. late audio cut

Getting Good Audio
.. methods of capturing audio (on camera or separate audio track records)
.. types of digital audio recorders
.. types of mics (polar patterns of popular microphone)
.. audio file format & codecs (comparing them to video's codecs & containers)

Learn To Film The Basic Genres of Videos 
.. learn how to shoot interviews (subscribers will learn point-by-point how an actual dual-camera interview of Nektium's Zynamite was done using only one DSLR & a mirrorless camera. Final video available here: https://youtu.be/RHkV3PbXXsg)
.. learn how to shoot effective instructional/educational videos (an actual behind the scene, showing how Andrew's Youtube videos & E-Learning videos are shot)
.. learn to shoot good Shorties (Subscribers are shown how short-films are made; 'Recapsulate')
.. understand the best way to shoot event videos (an actual behind the scenes of how a pro shoot events)
.. learn how to produce documentaries (viewers will be introduced to how documentaries can be easily filmed & produced)

Course Details:

  • 15 lessons in this whole course.
  • 15 Full-HD 1080p videos averaging 4 to 11 minutes per video.
  • 3 assignments.
  • You can upload your assignments online and engage in discussions with trainers and fellow course subscribers.
  • 2-year of Full Unlimited access
  • feedback & interactions from academy trainers.
  • progress tracking with each lesson.
  • access to Professional Gallery of this Course.
  • all Lessons & Contents are available on-demand, 24 / 7.
  • stream on your favorite devices: Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops.
  • this E-Learning course will undergo an expanding syllabus, where new contents & lessons are added. All our subscribers of this course will benefit from this feature without additional charges.

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