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Topics & sub-topics covered in this Course: 

- Sets the topics & sub-topics of this course for all subscribers, covering these in video lessons:
- Learn about cameras & the various types of cameras in the market now
- Learn about their differences & unique features
- Learn about their components & how they each work
- Learn accessories & equipment related to camera & photography

Camera Types
- Comparing still and video cameras
- Introducing the popular types of cameras: from smartphone cameras to mirrorless to dslr to medium format
- Understand the strength and weakness of each of them, from low end vs high end (processing power of the camera, speed in making setting changes, photo quality & resolution)
- Understand what are acquisition sensors & their sizes
- Know all the popular models & brands

Types of Lenses
- Understanding focal length; from the aspect of humans eyes focal length (50mm, wide angle, tele)
- Specs of lenses (focal length, max aperture, min focal distance)
- Focal length & genre of photography (portrait, macro, landscape)
- Classification of lenses based on focal length & genre (portrait lenses, landscape lenses, macro lenses)
- Prime lenses vs zoom lenses
-What lens is suitable for me and popular lenses you can buy

Camera Settings:
- Photo quality & resolution
- Photo file format (jpg & raw)
- Exposure (shutter, aperture & ISO)
- Focusing (auto focus modes & focusing areas)
- Understand the difference between Main Menus & Quick Menus and how best to work with each of them
- Going slightly beyond basics with some of the Menu Settings

Understanding Cameras' Exposure Settings:
- Various ways you can control the 3 Exposure Parameter
- How camera measures light (exposure sensor)
- What is ISO & what are the limitations & work-arounds
- Aperture and how to work with the best values
- Shutter Speed & its effect on depicting motion & photo sharpness
- Learn the popular Exposure Modes: Full Manual Exposure, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program Mode & Auto

Cameras' Focusing Settings:
- What is Focusing Modes?
- What is Focusing Areas?
- What is the best Mode & Area combitions?

Color Settings Of Your Cameras:
- Understand how camera handles colors
- Concept of color spaces
- White Balance, Filter Color Filters & ABGM shifts
- Accuracy in colors & tone in photography

Let's Learn To Put All The Knowledge Into Actual Shoots:
- Solo Portraits (which exposure mode & focusing mode to choose)
- Group Portriats (which exposure mode & focusing mode to choose)
- Landscape (which exposure mode & focus mode to choose)
- Moving subjects (such as dogs/animals in the park, or a sportive subject performing active movements)

Progressing Forward From This Course:
- introduction to manual mode exposure
- introduction to the compositional styles in Arts Of Seeing
- introduce how post-processing works in photography
- introduce other genre of photography, such as: Portrait, Macro & Landscape


  • 15 lessons in this whole course.
  • 15 Full-HD 1080p videos averaging 4 to 10 minutes per video.
  • 4 assignments.
  • You can upload your assignments online and engage in discussions with trainers and fellow course subscribers.
  • 2-year of Full Unlimited access
  • feedback & interactions from academy trainers.
  • progress tracking with each lesson.
  • access to Professional Gallery of this Course.
  • all Lessons & Contents are available on-demand, 24 / 7.
  • stream on your favorite devices: Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops.
  • this E-Learning course will undergo an expanding syllabus, where new contents & lessons are added. All our subscribers of this course will benefit from this feature without additional charges.


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