Learn how to use shoot business portraits & turn it into a profitable photography business for yourself through this highly effective & industry proven e-learning course. This course is produced & conducted by master-trainer Andrew Boey himself

This course is launched on 15th Mar 2020.

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Topics covered in this e-learning course: 
  • Lesson 1, what are business portraits, what to expect in such shoots & why it is vital as a photographer for you to include this genre of shoot into your service line-ups.
  • Lesson 2, defines the objectives of every business portrait shoots and what qualities you as a photographer must instill in every frame captured. Learn the 3 main qualities you need to project for every business subject.
  • Lesson 3, teaches you on posing your subjects, from sitting down, leaning-on-props and full-standing poses. This lesson will also guide you on how to choose the right smiles or friendly outlook to instill when photoshooting for your subjects. You will also learn important framing & crops that will work best in making your subjects look slimmer, younger, taller and filled with confidence. Learn to overcome the 'where to put my hands' syndrome of every subject.
  • Lesson 4, you will be taught how to effortlessly do studio shoots in a full-fledge photo-studio and what are the equipment and tools you should have. You will also be taught about setting up your own photo-studio with economical yet effective set-ups and investments. How to get creative backdrops and still not overdoing it when doing Business Portraits.
  • Lesson 5, learn how to obtain impressive studio quality photos even when you have limited space to work with and from. You will also be taught what are the bare minimum equipment you should have or prepare when doing such shoots.
  • Lesson 6, teaches you about lighting & the core concept of how to add lightings correctly & accurately. Start from the basics of one light to three or four lights. You will also learn what lights to invest in. This lesson teaches you how to also combine natural light with induced light, so that you have a wider array of styles when you shoot business portraits on and off locations.
  • Lesson 7, wardrobe and attire supplements and what other accessories that you must have when doing Business Portraits shoots.
  • Lesson 8, teaches you how to prep and shoot on locations and what to expect when performing such shoots.
  • Lesson 9, BONUS LESSON, how to price, charge and bill your corporate clients for such business portraits.

Class Details:

  • 9 lessons.
  • 9 Full-HD 1080p videos.
  • 3 assignments.
  • 2-year of Full Unlimited access.
  • feedback & interactions from Academy Trainers.
  • personal notes for every lesson.
  • progress tracking of each lesson.
  • access to Professional Gallery of this lesson.
  • discussions and C&C sections with other subscribers.
  • all Lessons & Contents are available 24 / 7.
  • stream on Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops.
  • Course is OPEN for subscription now and launched on 15th Mar 2020.

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