We provide reasonably priced cinema commercial filming and editing service. 

USD5,500.00 (MYR22,000.00)


Final Output Specifications:
- Motion picture of filmed footages with text, typographs and/or logo (where applicable)
- 4K resolution
- broadcast media: cinema, tv, social media and/or YouTube
- video codec format: mov, mkv, m4v and/or mp4 (please let us know your choice of output prior to filming)
- Stereo background music (refer to INCLUDED segment below)
- Length of video: between 15 to 60 seconds of video playback
- Audio: stereo background music & talents' dialog and speeches
- Number of video will be produced : strictly depending on the story, script & storyboard
Price: RM22,000 per day of film works (9 hours)
Price of 2 days filming: RM43,000 per 2 days of filming (RM1,000 discount if you sign up for 2 days of filming)

Price of 3 days filming: RM64,000 per 3 days of filming (RM2,000 discount if you sign up for 3 days of filming)
Additional hours exceeding the 9 hours per day: chargeable at RM1,000 per hour

Note: ALL Prices quoted above are EXCLUDING GST, which will be additional 0% on all final billing amount.

INCLUDED in the works will be:
- assist in scripting and story treatment works
- storyboarding drawing works are charged at RM90 per frame of drawing
- Filming Equipment rental (excluding lights above 1500 watt/sec, cranes and aerial & sea/water filming equipment such as drones, helicopters or boats)
- Location Scouting within areas of Petaling Jaya & Kuala Lumpur.
- background music or theme songs are charge at RM130 per song (these are royalty free music purchased from music stock agencies and not customized or specially composed songs)
- cinematic filming style with nice camera angles and composition
- 9 hours of on-location filming works by our professional filming crew
- 2-dimensional text, logo and typography
- in-house digital video editing works to length of no more than 60 seconds of playback time
- in-house color correction (Commercial-grade Color Grading will be charged circa RM6,000 per 20 secs of video. Kindly obtain a separate quote on Commercial-grade Color Grading works)

EXCLUDED in these videos will be:
- location renting
- professional 3rd party color grading or Commercial-grade Color Grading works
- 3-dimensional computer generated graphics of product (5 to 10 secs)
- talents and/or cast's acting fees 
- voice over talent's fees
- wardrobe rentals
- photography works
- casting fees (casting fees will be billed & charged separately at RM290 per talent casted or RM690 per day of casting work)
- Any additional Travelling & Accomodation (outside of Petaling Jaya & Kuala Lumpur) cost for all the crew will be charged separately.
- Digital Cinema Package (DCP) conversion works are charged separately (kindly obtain a quote from us on this)

Terms & Conditions:

  • 50% down-payment upon signing of this Sales Order. 
  • 30% payment upon completion of filming/photography works.     
  • 20% remaining payment upon delivery of product, final output, photos and/or videos to Customer/You.         
  • GST: This quotation is subjected to 0% GST as indicated above (unless otherwise indicated).  
  • All down-payments and amounts paid are strictly not refundable in the event of form of cancellations. 

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