The most effective program be a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!

This programme is a 1 year programme where participants are exposed to classroom theories and also thorough hands-on practical sessions. The PCP programme is designed specifically with the idea that a professional programme should be effective; covering vital modules, not lengthy in duration and readies the students to a level of professionalism that is coherent with the commercial world of photography and advertising. This whole programme is systematically divided into 3 modules which covers many vital sub-modules that encompasses both theoretical and practical areas of photography, filming, editing, producing, digital imaging and advertising. We look forward to have you in our team of Professionals.






Courses: 68 Classes (51 modules)
Shooting in Manual Mode
Natural Lighting Manual Mode Photography
TTL & Manual Flash
Remote Flash
Flash Effects
Adobe Photoshop - Level 1 - Part 1
Adobe Photoshop - Level 1 - Part 2
Adobe Photoshop - Level 2 - Part 1
Adobe Photoshop - Level 2 - Part 2
Adobe Photoshop - Level 3 - Part 1
Adobe Photoshop - Level 3 - Part 2
Adobe Photoshop - Level 3 - Part 3
Art of Seeing - Part 1
Art of Seeing - Part 2
Video & Filming Level 1 - Part 1
Video & Filming Level 1 - Part 2
Video & Filming Level 2 - Part 1
Video & Filming Level 2 - Part 2
Video Editing Level 1 Part 1
Video Editing Level 1 Part 2
Video Editing Level 2 - Part 1
Video Editing Level 2 - Part 2
Aperture Priority Mode
Shutter Priority Mode
Landscape Photography Level 1
Outdoor Night Photography
Wedding Photography Part 1
Wedding Photography Part 2
Business English Part 1
Business English Part 2
Professional Portraits Part 1
Professional Portraits Part 1
Product Photography - Absorbable & Reflective 
Product Photography - Transparent Product
White Balance - Part 1
White Balance - Part 2
Colours in Photography
Macro & Close-up
Set & Studio Designing
Professional Food & Beverage Styling
Professional Food & Beverage Photography
Professional Fashion - Studio
Professional Fashion - Outdoor
Landscape Photography Level 2
Equipment, Set-up & Maintenance - Part 1
Equipment, Set-up & Maintenance - Part 2
Professional Digital Workflow 
Principles of Advertising & Media - Part 1
Principles of Advertising & Media - Part 2
Business Ethics
Communication & Presentation Skills - Part 1
Communication & Presentation Skills - Part 2
Advanced Flash Photography - Part 1
Advanced Flash Photography - Part 2
Advanced Exposure - Part 1
Advanced Exposure - Part 2
Advanced Focusing Auto Focus Average 
Advanced Focusing Auto Focus Continuous 
Scripting & Storyboarding
Directing & Producing
High Speed Photography - has to be Saturday
Advanced Studio Photography - Part 1
Advanced Studio Photography - Part 2
Light Modifiers in Photography - Part 1
Light Modifiers in Photography - Part 2
Light Modifiers in Photography - Part 3

Introduction to Photography
History of Photography
Comp Shots
Studio Portraits
Glossy Products
Editing in Photoshop

No prior experience required - perfect for beginners
Discover the industry's secrets to professional photography
Learn from experienced industry professionals
Weekly assessments approach, reducing examination stress
Learn how to effectively merge passion, skills and career in 1 year


Semester 1: 23 Classes (January - March)
(Semester break - 1 month in April)

Semester 2: 23 Classes (May - July)
(Semester break - 1 month in August)

Semester 3: 22 Classes (August - November)
(Semester break - 1 month in December)

Promotion price : RM18,000.00 including GST (you save RM4,048.00) (normal price: RM22,048)

And, you can now pay by 3 instalment as follows:-

- 1st payment before the commencement of your 1st class : RM8,000.00
- 2nd payment in 30 days: RM5,000.00
- 3rd payment in 60 days: RM5,000.00

**All payments made towards the academy under this Program is strictly non-refundable nor exchangeable under any circumstances.




  • Affordable Fees.
  • Professional Trainers & Experienced Teachers.
  • Real-Life Industry Practicals (With actual clients' projects).
  • Hands-On With Real Customers (Working experience with real-life customers)
  • No Irrelevant Subjects (No time-wasting subjects)
  • Proven Results (Many professionals have successfully completed this Program)
  • Participant will receive a certificate for each weekend class completed and also each module completed. Upon graduation and completion of the whole Program, participant will be awarded one grand certificate to indicate his/her completion of this program.
  • Weekend classes are tabled a full year in advance, enabling participants to plan their own class schedules.
  • Participants are given up to 18 months to complete this Program.


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