Beyond Photography Academy

The most popular & longest-serving brand-independent photography & movie-making academy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Well-Designed & Effective Syllabus

Carefully designed syllabuses, offering you a choice of 80 different workshops.

Brand Independent Syllabus

We improve your photography skills, regardless of the camera brands that you own.

Beginner-To-Pro Courses

We offer 3 levels of workshops for Photography & Movie-Making: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced.

11,000 Students Worldwide

Our courses have been attended by thousands of students from all over the world.

Four of our most popular real-life classes:

If you are new to photography and just bought yourself a camera, this class is perfect for you, regardless of the camera brand you use. You may even rent a camera from us.

New to flash and your flash always over-exposes your photos? Fear no more! Learn the skills now and master on-camera & remote flash techniques now.

The best way to learn photography: Shoot Human Subjects! So join this class and master the awesome yet simple techniques of how to portraits beautifully.

Been using your camera for a while and somehow you feel you want to learn to shoot faster, nicer and more accurately like a Pro? This is the perfect class for you then!

Real-Life Classes

We conduct various types of Real-Life Classes to boost your skills in Photography & Movie-Making:

ClassesReal-Life classes we hold

Real-life classes & hands-on practicals with our trainers at the academy.

E-LearningLearn at your own pace

Learn photography at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Private ClassesOne-To-One lessons

We can come to you at your chosen schedule, covering topics of your choosing.

Corporate ClassesTraining for organizations

Build the skills of your employees in Photography & Videography with our extensive syllabuses for corporates.

Professional ProgramTraining for organizations

Looking to be a Professional Photographer or Movie-Maker? You will love your 1-year Professional Certification Program.

Photography TripsTraining for organizations

Combine photography learnings with travelling! Experience the great fun in our PhotoTrips & RoadTrips.

E-Learning programs

Well developed video-based e-learning, including discussions with fellow members and trainers online.

Learn photography at your own pace.

Content-rich courses, complete with downloads & assignments to make you shoot better.

Our YouTube channel has proven for many years that our method of teaching photography is fun and effective. and thanks to all our subscribers there, we have now a very comprehensive E-Learning program which you can subscribe to and learn at your own pace. Sign up now and enjoy some FREE e-learning lessons.

Thank You, Think City, for choosing to learn from Beyond Photography Academy.

Think City, subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, engages us to teach photography, videography & pre-production techniques to their team. Thank you! We are glad everyone enjoyed their classes.

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Thank You, everyone. Pixel is launched!

Our new photography learning platform, Pixel, was launched to a great party on 19th Feb 2017.
Thank you and enjoy our all-new digital platform of learning!
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Academy Trainers

The academy is built around a team of professional photographers and, most importantly, TRAINERS. Our trainers are chosen due to their abilities to train and use camera equipment of ANY brand and to effectively teach you on how to use them. Their experiences from the field and their proficiency of our syllabuses are the reasons why our trainings are the most effective in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct full-day, half-day & practical classes. You may choose to learn at the academy on our published schedule or we come to your chosen venue to conduct one-to-one private lessons.
Yes! Our ALL our courses are designed to cater for camera users of ANY brand. We teach you the SKILL in photography, apart from just teaching you on using your cameras.
Yes! We provide courses in Videography, Filming and also video editing.
Of course! Infact we encourage you to do so. By joining the courses first, you can make better decisions when buying your cameras.
You can pay online via popular Credit Cards, PayPal or you can even bank in the fees via the methods listed here.


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